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Managing the transition to our "new normal"

During these unprecedented and uncertain times, self-care strategies are essential to helping people cope with these feelings. Additionally, try to maintain your regular wake-up, bedtime, work/study, exercise and relaxation times, as routine promotes a sense of safety and stability.

Stay up to date with the latest news from reputable local and national news sources; however, do not spend your entire day focusing on the coronavirus. Seeking information helps to enhance our sense of control, however devoting too much time to the crisis will further disrupt our routine and sense of security.

Keep in touch with your loved ones and try to talk about topics other than the coronavirus. Plan virtual hangouts with groups of loved ones that can temporarily take the place of in-person gatherings. Also, make sure you are keeping an eye on your neighbors and elders in your network who may need extra attention.

Finally, try to maintain a positive and realistic perspective. Keep in mind that even the most difficult times are temporary. Although we do not know exactly when, the spread of the virus will lessen, social distancing will end and you will be able to live the life you value with those you care about.

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